Why We Chose an Apartment over Buying a House

My wife and I lived in a trailer in a trailer park when we first got married. It was a matter of affordability at the time. We stayed much longer than we had to in order to save money. We were planning on buying a house. However, as we examined our lifestyle, we decided that looking for a nice apartment in Stockbridge GA would be for the best. The cost of upkeep for a home involves more than just money. It also requires a considerable investment of time. We were working hard in our jobs to move up the ladder. We liked the idea of taking care of our own lawn and landscaping, but the time was just not there for us. Still, we wanted a nice place to be outside. This is what attracted us to the apartment we rented in Stockbridge.

They have a pool, remote access garages and a whole lot more. Instead of having to pay for a separate fitness center membership, the apartments have a place on site. The apartments are nicely sized. It is like a mansion compared to the small trailer we were living in. The big bathroom and living room with all of the natural light is so pretty. The whole outdoor area is very nicely landscaped. They even have evening courtesy patrols. We like all the walking paths they have. There are little nooks and crannies to enjoy the warm sunshine. It is so nice to not have to use up a Saturday mowing, trimming, painting and planting. All of that is done for us in apartment living. I use to struggle to make the time to mow and trim when we lived in the trailer. Now we have the great outdoor look we wanted in a place that is very comfortable to live.

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