The Year is Going to Start

Another semester of college means finding a new place to stay. Normally I would log into the schools housing website and find a place to live, but that was only because I was required to do so during my first two years at the school. Now that I am a junior, I don’t have to do that anymore. The prices for housing outside of campus are much lower, so I looked through the Hattiesburg apartment guide to find a good place that would be close enough to the campus to minimize travel times to and from classes.

The closest apartment complex to the campus looked good from the guide. I took a tour of it to get a first hand impression, and it was everything I could ask for in an apartment. It had the right amenities, an area for washing clothes, a recreation space for having a little fun when classes are over, and even had a swimming pool. There is a pool on campus, but sometimes I would rather not have to go all the way into campus just to take a swim. It’s much easier to just use the one at the complex and I could even invite a few friends over.

After signing a lease for the apartment, I started moving my items into it. I came from Alabama to Mississippi, so I didn’t have that far to go to get to the apartments in the first place. The drive to the state was a peaceful one, and along the way I listened to my favorite radio station. In the middle of the broadcast, there was an ad for the local college football team. I love when football season starts, because I go to the games with full face paint and cheer as hard as I can for the team.

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