Started Looking at Places Near South Padre

I was not really thinking about this until recently and then I just happened to get a bit lucky one night. I was passing through one of those casino towns in Mississippi one night and I sat down to play cards. Of course I have my auto insurance, and the Texas electricity company to pay and all of the normal stuff that people have. So I sat down and figured out how much money I could blow without it being too painful. It was not too much money. I figured I could spend fifty to seventy five dollars and not miss it all that much. In fact that is not much different than going out for a big steak dinner and a couple of beers. I went to see a hockey game in Dallas a month ago and I ended up dropping a hundred dollars for example. I can afford to do something like that maybe once a month, although a hundred dollars is a big night for me unless the wife is going to be really happy at how I spent it.

At any rate I just ran into an incredible streak with that money. I lost about half of it in around half an hour, but then this guy sat down with these other three guys and to be honest he played cards like he was totally insane. Before I knew I had a thousand dollars sitting in front of me. At that point I decided that I had to go home with some of that money, so I took half of that money and cashed it in and put it in the bank. Then I sat down and figured I would play the rest of if out. Instead I ended up winning about 3800 dollars after I paid the taxes on it.

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