Saving Energy and Money at the Same Time

Through a simple click here ad, I was able to lower my monthly energy costs. I had been paying a lot before I decided to switch energy companies, and it was really taking a toll on my savings. My other bills increased too, so I had to look for some way to pay less for everything. I used a website to find a local energy company with lower rates than my company, and signed up for their service.

I didn’t stop at just getting cheaper energy service. I looked for other ways to save more money. I reduced the amount of energy I was using by making my home more energy efficient. I noticed that in the summer and winter, I was using a lot of energy to keep my home cool and warm. I searched around the home for any cracks where air could escape and sealed them up. I had new windows installed that would keep heated and cooled air from getting out. I also installed a new thermostat that would regulate the temperature, even when I wasn’t at home. Insulation was added as well. This reduced my energy costs even more, but I still wasn’t done.

I put solar cells on my roof to collect energy that would be stored. The energy company I signed up with had a program where I could sell energy back to them if I had solar cells. I didn’t think I would get that much energy from the sun, because it doesn’t always shine brightly in my area, but the cells were able to get a lot of energy, even on the rainy days. Now I don’t have to worry about dipping into my savings to pay my monthly bills, because now I’m essentially generating money and adding back to my saving.

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