Pumpkin is a Healthy Treat for Dogs

My mom shared a website with me not long ago. We both have three dogs each, and we are always looking for sites that show cute dog pictures and videos, sites that have doggy treat recipes, and sites that have health information on dogs. When she shared this newest site with me, we were both impressed. We had been buying premium dog treats for our pups, but we found several recipes that actually look easy to make. The more I read this site, the more I realized that this was an easy way to make a lot of changes in our dogs’ lives.

I suppose in the past, we were looking at more sites to do with pictures and videos rather than the nutritional information we needed to know. Now that we were armed with a lot of good nutritional information though, we decided to not waste any time in implementing some of these changes. The first thing we both wanted to do was get more fiber in their diets. We read on this site how a lot of dog food manufacturers do not make fiber a priority even though it is very important that dogs have plenty of it daily.

I was not sure how to get more fiber in their diets though, and that is when my mom told me to read the article on pumpkin on this site. I had no idea that the fiber in pumpkin would be sufficient, or even that pumpkin was a consideration for part of a dog’s diet. It is healthy for them though and has so many great benefits for them, including helping them with their digestion and even naturally deworming them. It is just amazing the things we learned, and I am really glad that all six dogs love pumpkin now that we have let them try it. I cannot wait to learn more from this site.

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