How To Multibox: Multibox WoW through Software Multiboxing!

Don’t Know How to Multibox?

Finding WoW was your first step – congrats! Multiboxing is the next level of gaming; read on to discover the benefits of this unique form of gameplay…


This Could Be YOU!


When you multibox WoW and other games, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine never competing for loot, waiting in line for the Dungeon Finder, or taking orders from anyone. Tanking, healing, and DPS are all at your disposal. The options are virtually endless!

You can multibox WoW, or other such MMORPGs, to breathe new life into games in which your interest may have somewhat dwindled, or multiply the thrill of those to which you are already dedicated to playing. Think of it as an expansion pack available to a small percentage of the gaming population.

It can all be easily achieved with one Software Multiboxing answer!


Why Software Multiboxing?

The answer is simple…

  • Ease of Setup – Be up and running in minutes!
  • Cost Savings – No need for additional PCs or other hardware!
  • Mobility – Combined with a laptop, enjoy multiboxing almost anywhere!
  • Flexibility – Configure an initial setup and modify it over time to suit your needs!

it has the greatest benefits, hands down!


Have you ever wondered how to multibox?

Teach yourself something new every day and continually find creative ways to use multiboxing to your advantage in PvE and PvP; exploring how to multibox is the most entertaining form of education out there!


We all have to some degree — PwnBoxer is your answer!

This simple, yet sophisticated software package is perfect for all levels of multiboxers, including beginners. You can literally multibox wow within minutes of easy configuration! PwnBoxer eliminates the many hassles associated with running multiple instances of WoW and truly lets you enjoy it on a whole new level.

Here are a few of the many features included in this software multiboxing package:

  • Run multiple copies of World of Warcraft with 1 keyboard and mouse
  • Send keystrokes & mouse clicks to each copy; no more alt-tabbing to multibox WoW
  • Effectively manage your game window layouts on single or multiple monitor setups
  • Create virtual keyboard buttons to extend the capacity of a normal keyboard
  • Utilize the built-in network monitoring utility to detect latency with game servers
  • Throttle games’ CPU usage to optimize a PC to multibox, even on older systems
  • Record videos to capture the glory and show what software multiboxing can do

Couldn’t you use a lot, or even a bit, more gold, loot, healing, dps, and other necessary items? Wouldn’t you like nothing more than to jump into a fray knowing you’ve got the obvious upper-hand, with full support from your entire party? Multiboxing has never been easier! Once you start, you’ll wonder why you never learned how to multibox before.


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De Leon amended the bill to exclude paintball weapons from the proposed color requirement, however the measure still failed within the Assembly’s public safety committee. The video shows two men enter the shop at store at 5595 E. Florida Avenue at eleven:23 PM on the store’s security digital camera clock. One man runs across the counter to the register whereas the other factors his gun at the clerk, demanding the he open a secure. The clerk, identified by KMGH as 24-yr-previous Cody Purcell, then lunged across the desk at the gunman, who did not fire the gun.


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