I Wanted to Be Around More Like-Minded People

My parents were both artists, and while they did not set out for me to be one as well, I was around all of their creations so much that I fell in love with that world and became an artist, too. We did not live in a very artsy area, though. I wanted to live in a community where it thrives. I know that is common in New Mexico, so I began thinking of looking through apartments in Albuquerque NM and the area itself to get a feel for it.

I really did not want to move far from my parents, and they felt the same way. We are so close as a family, and we always have been. But at the same time, I felt like I was being held back in the area where we lived. It is mostly filled with retirees who play a lot of golf. I needed to be around more artists. And while my parents love art and spend much of their time doing it for a living, I wanted to be inspired by seeing what other people make and be around some more like-minded people, too.

My hope was that I would love NM so much that I would be able to talk my parents into moving there with me. I knew that I would probably need to get settled in first, and then I could bring them out to visit and they could see how they liked it. So, that is exactly what I did. I rented a place, and had everything in its place. It looked fantastic. My parents were really itching to see the place, so I invited them out immediately. I even made it a point to let my parents know there’s a unit two doors down from me that is available, and now, they are thinking about it!

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