For a Good Night’s Sleep

For a couple of months, I had problems sleeping. The problem was not coming from me. It was my wife Jenny. She had a big problem with snoring. She did it so loudly, that I was unable to get a good night’s rest. I work as an executive and have to work long hours. Sometimes, I work twelve hours shifts many times a week. I need all the sleep that I can get. My wife did not know she was making the noises while she was sleeping. She tried an antisnoring appliance to minimize her snoring habits.

My wife Jenny is a kind and sweet woman. Unfortunately, she can be touchy and stubborn at times. When she first started snoring, I thought it was cute at first. Up to that point, I never heard jeny make a weird noise from her body. it was a rare occurrence. It was kind of funny. The next night was worse. I had a very important business meeting that following morning and could not sleep. I was so tired. The snoring continued on and off for the next couple of weeks. I could not take it anymore.

I went to confront Jenny about her snoring. She was totally in denial. She was offended that I would accuse her of during something discustiing like snoring. I knew I had to get proof. One night, i recorded her snoring while she was sleeping. Jenny was very loud that night. I had to sleep with my headphones in my ear. The next morning, I played the recording for Jenny. She was so horrified to hear herself snore. She decided to get help.

Last week, we went to the doctor and he recommended a mouthpiece for Jenny to use. He said it would keep Jenny from snoring. The device worked perfectly. Jenny’s snoring has stopped. I can finally sleep.

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