Finding Security System for Cheap

I wish I had the money to buy a big house with a huge fence around it. No I am thinking about more like a wall, 15 feet high, with razor wire at the top. Lots of security cameras, and everything like that. I would feel safe then, maybe. But I am a paranoid person and so maybe that wouldn’t be enough. I want to read about home alarm systems reviews because I clearly need a better security system for my house than the one that I currently have.

I just tried to subvert the system and see if I could break into my own house without setting off the system. I managed to find a number of ways to do it and that is just not acceptable. I am going to read all of the reviews I can and then hopefully I will be abel to select the one that will do the best at defending me. I really like the idea of having lethal defense systems in my house. Or at least, some way to capture people with like steel doors that drop down from the ceiling and trap people from leaving the room.

I am not sure about legality of all of that and i know that I could not afford it anyway. So I am going to do the best with what i can afford and try to get a security system that will actually serve to keep me safe. Or as safe as I could be. I really feel like crime is just going to get going up over the years and that there is now ay to stop it. There is something dangerous going on in the world right nwo and I do not know what it is but it is not going to stop anyway.

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