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Choose Your Server:

EQ2 Antonia Bayle – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Antonia Bayle – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Befallen – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Befallen – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Blackburrow – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Blackburrow – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Butcherblock – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Butcherblock – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Crushbone – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Crushbone – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Everfrost – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Everfrost – Good Gold Plat
EQ2 Faydark – Evil Gold Plat EQ2 Faydark – Good Gold Plat

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Eq2 Gold
Thank you Eq2 Players! We were only in stock for a couple days due to huge demand of Eq2 Gold. No worries though we will have more stock ASAP. Please Stand By.
EQ2 Stock
Most servers are back in stock. Get your Eq2 Gold while supplies last!
Eq2 Gold
We will be back in stock within 1-2 days. Please check your server at that time.
Eq2 Gold
Price Drop to $65.95 per 1000 Gold! Get Your Gold Now and Enjoy your Game!
Eq2 Gold
Due to High Demand We have Changed our Delivery method for Eq2 Gold. We will now Deliver via In Game Mail. This Enables a Faster Delivery for Everyone.
Eq2 Gold
New lower price on all Eq2 Servers! Take advantage of this outstanding offer!
Eq2 Gold!!
You asked for it! We lowered prices on all Eq2 servers! We are now the FASTEST and best priced Eq2 supplier! Get the gold at the price you deserve and Join the thousands of happy Customers!
Eq2 Gold
New lower Price on all Servers! Most deliveries done within 5-15 minutes. Eq2 Plat!
EQ2 Gold
We are back in stock on most servers for EQ2 Gold and now at a more competitive price! Buy with Instant Delivery at Willow Wood docks for Qeynos and Big Bend Docks for Freeport. Most deliveries done within 15 minutes!
Everquest 2 Gold – Plat
We are now back in stock for EQ2 Gold, get your Plat now with Instant Delivery!

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