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How do you improve your skills and professions?
Players improve their class skills through a combination of usage and leveling. Class skills related to a character’s class abilities, such as a mage’s frost skill, which improves his frost spells, automatically increase when a character levels. However, weapon and defense skills only improve through usage. Thus, in order to improve your ability with swords, you must equip and fight with a sword. Professions operate similarly. In order to increase your skill level in a profession, you must use it. For class skills, even those that you increase manually, your character level dictates the maximum skill level you can have in a particular skill. For professions, your profession rank – apprentice, journeyman, expert, and artisan – determines your maximum skill level.

Is there a way to retrain talent or skill points?
Yes. If you unlearn a profession, you can return to a trainer and relearn it. However, your skill level will be reset to zero and you must increase it yourself.

Do skills atrophy if they aren’t used?
No. Once you learn a skill, it’s yours for life unless you decide to unlearn it.

Is a Hunter who trains in bows and rifles better than say a Warrior who also trains to the same level in said weapons?
Both classes have the bow and rifle skills; however, the Hunter has unique class abilities that improve or enhance his attacks with bows and rifles. These additional abilities are what ultimately make Hunters more powerful with ranged weapons than Warriors.

Can players create their own items using trade skills?
World of Warcraft features a wide variety of professions that let players gather resources from the world to create numerous unique items. Players can make bags, bandages, weapons, armor, potions, and many other things.

What kinds of fish can you catch with the fishing profession? Are there special items, treasure chests, or S.O.S. bottles that you can catch while fishing?
In addition to a wide variety of different fishes, players can also catch things like lockboxes, crates of engineering supplies, unique armor, and weapons. However, the chances of this happening are exceedingly rare.

How many professions can a player master on an individual character?
A player will be limited to two primary professions. You can have as many secondary professions as you want.

How many points do I need to get my next rank?
This is one area where the PvP and normal experience system differ. There is no set amount of honor needed to reach a certain level. The PvP ranking system is based on the number of players engaging in PvP combat, and how good each player is in relation to other players.

Think of the PvP rankings as a curve, where the highest ranks will encompass the top percentage of players. While there are a finite amount of players who can be in the top ranks, the actual number will depend on how many other characters on the server are involved in PvP. The more players competing, the more players will be able to reach the top ranks.

How does my PvP Rank update?
PvP ranks are compiled once a week, and will coincide with the weekly server maintenance. There is a minimum number of honorable kills per week required for eligibility; this number is flexible and depends on the average number of honorable kills for your realm that week.

Based on the number of honor received per week and the amount of people involved in PvP combat, a rating value is assessed for each player. This value is used to determine progression through the PvP ranks.

Will I get credit for killing guards?
Based on player feedback we have decided to no longer award honorable kills for killing NPCs that are not racial leaders. This will prevent players from feeling as though they need to “grind” NPC kills for honor. This change will also help the honorable kill totals mean more than they otherwise would.

What happens if I am fighting a player and that player runs away, then another player or group finds the player and kills him or her? Do I get any honor having damaged the player first?
No. If a player does not take damage for 1 minute since the last time they were attacked in PvP, any damage done by the first player is null and void. The next player or group who finds and kills the target gets the credit.

Will there be additional honor gained for rapid-fire killing? For instance, three honorable kills in thirty seconds.
There are no current plans to reward players for going on killing sprees, other than the normal honor they earn.

Will there be a survival bonus? For instance, each kill beyond the first without dying equates to more honor.
This will not be a feature upon initial implementation of the Honor System, but is a possible candidate for continued refinement.

So far it seems like the Honor System is designed for players who can devote large amounts of time to the game. What if I am a casual player who cannot devote so much time?
Since the majority of players in WoW are casual gamers, the majority of player will be competing against players of a similar skill level and playtime. We expect many players to be surprised at how viable they will be in the Honor System.

Because Paladins need to use a skill to wield swords, will they be able to get their sword skill as high as their hammer skill?

When a Warrior fights, will he just stand there swinging a sword or will he have combat moves?
There are currently six to eight combat moves per stance with multiple stances available for Warriors.

Can Warriors solo?
Yes, all classes will have the ability to solo, including warriors.

Can Rogues use two-handed weapons?
No, but they can dual wield.

Are Hunters the only class that can use rifles?
No. Warriors and Rogues can train in rifles and many other classes have other types of ranged attacks at their disposal.

Will the Druid be able to avoid obstacles like mountains when morphed into “flying” models?
This was a considered option, but the design team decided it would be too powerful of an ability.

As a shapeshifter, what forms can a Druid take?
The Druid can shapeshift into bear, cat forms, aquatic, and travel forms.

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