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When is the page updated?
The page is updated every Tuesday during the weekly realm maintenance.

How many players are listed for each realm?
The top 1000 players are shown for each realm.

Why am I unable to find my name on the realm I play on?
Only the top 1000 characters are listed for each realm. If your character isn’t shown, it doesn’t rank in the top 1000 – keep fighting!

What is the “rating” and how is it calculated?
A character’s rating translates directly into their rank, and how far into that rank they are (ie: a rating of 65,000 means that character is the highest possible rank 14 character). Each character’s rating is calculated by how many honor points they have, compared against all other characters on that realm.

In game, my standing displays something different on the web page?
In game, the standing displayed is that characters standing for the previous week. The standing on the web page displays a character’s overall, lifetime standing.

I have more honorable kills than someone else. Why does that player have a higher standing than I?
Honorable kills are not the only factor that determines a characters standing. The honor points a character receives from honorable kills are added to other factors, including honor points received for completing objectives in battlegrounds, to determine overall standing.

Do you plan on listing more than 1,000 players per realm?
Not at this time.

Do you plan on adding more features?
Yes. We have plans for additional features for the World of Warcraft community web site. This is only the beginning.

Why is my guild name incorrect?
There is a bug affecting certain characters that is causing the wrong guild name to appear. We are working to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Recently, I moved off a realm but my character is still displayed on the old realm?
This is a bug. We are working to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

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